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About Moustachefs

Hi, I'm Teo. Thanks for stopping by. I am a Romanian living in Belgium, I have a full time career, a partner and a son who fill my days with joy. I am not a cook, but I could spend a whole day in the kitchen. I am not a photographer, but I often lose myself for hours styling and playing with food, just to find the right angle or ray of light. I am not a writer, but I am an avid reader and I am amazed by how liberating writing can sometimes be. 

Moustachefs is my experimental playground. Being a marketer, I like to keep the creative juices flowing so next to the passion for food, this blog is also a learning tool that helps me become better at what I do.

But maybe the most important reason why Moustachefs came to life, is my fascination with people. I love spending time with people and listen to their stories. We are all so different but also so similar in many ways, when we take the time to truly listen to each other. I believe that food brings people together and sharing a meal around the table brings the best out of people.

Moustachefs is not about famous people or professional cooks. It's about common people like me, who sometimes have memorable stories and favorite recipes that just bring a bit of joy in someone else's life.

Read the full Moustachefs story here.

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